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Hi, I am Kevin

Tse-kai Chan

Regents Scholar at University of California, San Diego

I’m a freshman and Regents Scholar at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), majoring in Computer Science. I’m a motivated and talented student interested in developing future technology, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and Neurotechnology. I approach challenges with an innovative and hard-working mindset. Besides being a student, I’m a competitive programmer, researcher, developer, and innovator.

UC San Diego



Research and Development (R&D) Intern
Qualcomm Institute Metaverse Academy and Center for Cyber-archaeology and Sustainability

April 2023 - Present, San Diego, California

The Cyber-Archaeology Center at the University of California researches technology like 3D modeling and AI to study archaeological sites and artifacts, and promotes interdisciplinary collaborations between experts to develop new methods for analyzing and interpreting data.

  • I am further developing the CyberArchWarehouse, an immersive collaborative environment within Unreal Engine 5 developed at the Qualcomm Institutes’ Center for Cyber-archaeology and Sustainability.
  • The CyberArchWarehouse is an open ‘metaverse’ for education and research communities that blends VR/AR, photogrammetry, GIS, and edge computing based rendering. It provides researchers and students a new social medium in which they can come together, analyze and study digitized assets from archaeological artifacts to fully simulated digital twins of natural and manmade structures.

Regents Scholar Research Initiative
SU Lab @ UC San Diego

Sept 2022 - Present, San Diego, California

SU Lab led by Professor Hao Su investigates on topics in computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.

  • Studying and implementing the topics of computer vision, machine learning, and reinforcement learning.
  • Planning to participate in research in the field in the coming quarters.

Software Engineer Intern

July 2022 - Feb 2022, San Jose, California

Nearal is a Silicon Valley startup and a location-based app for customers to search/browse and find local gig workers.

  • Worked to develop the onboarding and sign-in/up interfaces of Nearal’s android app.
  • Used Kotlin, Android Studio and GitLab in the process.

Project Intern
Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA)

Jun 2021 - Sept 2021, Fremont, California

APAPA promotes the advancement of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Americans through active participation and leadership in civic and public affairs.

  • Analyzed current water supply and demand trends and their impacts on California’s economic development and agriculture using statistics and computational prediction.
  • Researched and proposed solutions to solve urging problems, such as declining groundwater basins.
  • Used MATLAB and Python in the process.

Software Engineer Intern (Job Shadow)

July 2020 - August 2020, San Jose, California

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.

  • Worked with mentor David Soper working on Cisco Intersight, Cisco’s product for managing multiple servers.
  • Implemented automation for a server policy deployment on Cisco Intersight.
  • Learned from Cisco Executives and workers about career goals and topics, such as marketing, user interface design, and software development


B.Sc. in Computer Science, Regents Scholar, Senior Standing
GPA: 3.98 out of 4
Taken Courses
  • Advanced Data Structre / Algorithm (Enrolled)
  • Deep Learning (Enrolled)
  • Computer Vision II (Enrolled)
  • Computer Systems (A+)
  • Machine Learning (A+)
  • Computer Vision I (A+)
  • Data Structure (A+) / Algorithm (A+)
  • Statistical Methods
Extracurricular Activities
  • Member of Scholars Society, Competitive Programming at UCSD, ACM AI, Triton Neurotech, United Taiwanese Association.
  • UCSD ICPC Team Member
Higher Secondary School Certificate
GPA: 3.98 out of 4
Extracurricular Activities
  • President/Founder of Competitive Programming Club (GunnCPC) and Chief Organizer of the Bay Area Programming Contest (BAPC)
  • President/Founder of Ethics Bowl Club (GunnEthics)
  • Conducted published research on Quantum Computing with mentorship of Dr. Wenchao Xu, a Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT
  • Conducted research on Agriculture Irrigation Research with mentorship of Dr. Zaiyi Liao, Professor of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Canada. Received Honorable Mention in the Synopsys Science and Technology Championship.
  • Volunteered at Love & Care North America Youth Group, taught programming to underservered students at OpenBrackets and StreetCode Academy, and taught Chinese at Palo Alto Chinese School.
Mission College, West Valley College, Foothill College, and De Anza College
Dual Enrollment during High School
GPA: 4 out of 4
Taken Courses
  • Multivariable and Vector Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Java Programming
Secondary School Certificate


Arbitrary Quantum State Coins — Implementation and Performance on Quantum-Walk-Based Algorithms

Quantum coin is an essential element of the discrete-time quantum walk, the quantum analog of random walk. Most existing papers relating to quantum coin discussed the implementation and performance of the coin on power-of-two states and degrees of graphs. This paper proposed and analyzed three alternative coins–binary state coin, W state coin, and Walsh-Hadamard coin–that possessed the property to perform on arbitrary states and degrees of graphs. It then discussed the implementation and the performance of the three coins in the application of Quantum Walk and Quantum Walk Search. It compared and discussed the advantages, disadvantages, and errors of the three coins on a quantum simulator and a NISQ computer (i.e. IBM Q). Lastly, it presented further applications for the three coins in quantum-walk-based algorithms and other potential topics in quantum computing.

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Regents Scholar
UC San Diego Sept 2022 - Present

The Regents Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship awarded to undergraduate students at the University of California. Regents Scholarships are merit scholarships, selected on the basis of academic excellence.

USACO Platinum Division
USA Computing Olympiad Jun 2020 - Present

Highest division in the USA Computing Olympiad (Top 200 Nationwide).

AIME Qualification

Qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (Top 5% of AMC 12)

Top 500 in Google KickStart Round A
Google Mar 2019

Top 500 in a Google programming contest (Top 3.5% out of ~13,700 contestants)